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student loans

Should I Pay Off my Student Loans?

Gosh, student loans are becoming a trickier and trickier subject as the years go on. On one side you have people telling you to get out of student debt as soon as possible, and on the other you have people telling you you shouldn’t worry about student loans and use the money for something else. … Continue reading “Should I Pay Off my Student Loans?”


Interview: How to Apply for Internships and Stand Out

Welcome to Financially Mint’s first ever recorded interview! I had the honour of interviewing Jalpan Dave, a mechanical engineer currently living in Singapore and with some great experience working at internships in college. Listen to it right here:     The sound sometimes echoes a bit and I make some weird noises during the call, … Continue reading “Interview: How to Apply for Internships and Stand Out”

property investing

What The F%@K is Property Investing?

Property investing? The F@%K is that? In the US it’s more commonly known as ‘real estate’, but in the UK people like to get fancy and call it ‘property investing’. It’s basically the same thing, just each one follows each country’s rules. Here’s what we’re going to be covering today: 1- What is property investing/real … Continue reading “What The F%@K is Property Investing?”

credit cards

Student Guide: Credit Cards

A new tool recently added to Financially Mint: Student guides. These guides will be explained in easy to understand human words and will cover the most important parts of certain finance topics: a nice combination of ‘WTF is …’ and ‘Now how do I do it?’. Detailed and in-depth: a great resource. Aaaand our first … Continue reading “Student Guide: Credit Cards”

money mistakes

How I Manage Money in College – Money Mistakes

Second of the ‘How I manage money in college’ series! I am happy to present Jalpan Dave from Passive Income Engineering and his article on the important money mistakes he made in college and what he would have done differently. Some really great info here!   The story My first encounter with the importance of money … Continue reading “How I Manage Money in College – Money Mistakes”