Simple Steps to Start Investing in College (US Version)

Ahhh investing… the word gives you the chills.  You might imagine ‘investing’ as old men with cigars discussing numbers or even bankers attacking each other as they try to put their money into some weird machine. I always thought it was a boring adult thing that I would never have to deal with, until I … Continue reading “Simple Steps to Start Investing in College (US Version)”

What is the Science of Getting Rich?

After reading ‘The Science of Getting Rich’ by Wallace Wattles, it really dawned on me how being rich and successful is a mindset, it’s a passion and it’s a journey. If you think rich, you become rich. Although I disagreed with a few points in the book (Wattles says only to read his advice and … Continue reading “What is the Science of Getting Rich?”

Is Saving for Losers?

I love reading newsletters. It feels more personal, it’s a great way to spend time on a bus ride, and the advice is very interesting and helpful. Even more when I read two newsletters which completely contradicts each other. Ahhhh who should I listen to? So in order to make a decision about my own opinion, … Continue reading “Is Saving for Losers?”