No more finding excuses

We all love excuses. We get used to finding excuses to help us get out of uncomfortable situations, meaning we don’t even think twice before saying ‘I can’t’. Sometimes we make excuses without even realizing they’re excuses! This mental block sets in our brain, completely denying the possibility of actually being able to do this … Continue reading “No more finding excuses”

5 ways traveling cures low self-esteem

Low self esteem can be hard to ‘cure’. The negative thoughts slowly eat at us, making us feel smaller and smaller: ‘No one cares about me?’ ‘That person is better than me’ ‘I’m not intelligent enough’ ‘I’m too old’ ‘I’m too ugly’ ‘I just can’t do it’. A low self esteem really means a negative … Continue reading “5 ways traveling cures low self-esteem”

Who should we listen to?

In this day and age we get bombarded every second by opinions and facts from different sources and people, all saying that they are right. How on Earth do we know who to listen to? Is it the expert who has worked all their life to prove their thesis? Or is it the person who’s … Continue reading “Who should we listen to?”

What is Happy Money?

Happy Money is a book written by Elizabeth Dunn and Michael Norton about the science of spending money. Nowadays we all focus on earning more money, thinking this is what will satisfy us. But what if I told you can gain more satisfaction simply by spending money differently. The two authors explain through their research … Continue reading “What is Happy Money?”

Why everyone should take a gap year

When is the best time to travel? Is it when you’re financially stable and have a job? Is it once you’re retired? No. It’s when you’re young. You don’t have children yet and don’t follow order from a boss. You’re fresh out of high school and you don’t know much about world. How about exploring … Continue reading “Why everyone should take a gap year”

3 things my gap year taught me about money

My gap year started the minute I finished school in June 2016. It followed with 3 months of working and living in a shared flat in Barcelona. In October I was off to Italy working as an au pair for another 3 months. In January I stayed 2 weeks in Scotland and in February I … Continue reading “3 things my gap year taught me about money”

Why Financial Education?

The sad truth is that most people know nothing about money. And what’s worse is that most people’s lives revolve around making money. The education system has failed us. We were never taught what taxes are, what are credit cards, how to save up, how to take out a loan, what are interest rates, and … Continue reading “Why Financial Education?”

Financial Freedom from the 4 Hour Work Week

In this book Tim Ferriss seriously helps the reader to question their current employment position, and then describes, step by step, how to cut down time-wasters, start a side-hustle (muse) and then proceed to work few hours a week for double or triple the money. Sounds like the epitome of financial freedom, right? Read the … Continue reading “Financial Freedom from the 4 Hour Work Week”

5 ways to start your Financial Education practically for free

When hearing ‘financial education’ many people think of boring accounting classes and long lectures or that only people in that field should learn about finance. No, if money affects your life (which it does to everyone) you should have a financial education. How many times do students complain that they don’t understand what taxes are, … Continue reading “5 ways to start your Financial Education practically for free”