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How to Build Financial Self-Discipline in College

This post may contain affiliate links. Read my disclosure for more info. Ever splurged on takeaway with still some leftover food in the kitchen? Or suddenly decided to buy drinking rounds for everyone? Or even been surprised with an unexpected bill (it’s-a-me Amazon Prime)? It’s not hard to be have a ‘just another drink’ attitude … Continue reading “How to Build Financial Self-Discipline in College”

How to Deal with Financial Pressure

I’m not married, I don’t have kids nor a proper job; I’m still at university figuring out how to make a proper omelette (help).Yet I still suffer from financial pressure. I have that feeling of ‘I can do better’: earn more money, work more hours, save more money. Where is the limit? How am I … Continue reading “How to Deal with Financial Pressure”

Why You Should Study What You Love

This post is inspired from Danny Dalah’s awesome music video: How to Pick A College Major. As you might have guessed, the moral behind the song/video is that you should study what you love because we’re all f*cked anyway. Although funny and with a sad element of truth to it, I thought I would explore … Continue reading “Why You Should Study What You Love”

What The F%@K is Investing?

You’ve probably heard a lot about investing. You might be scared of it. You might not know what it means. Well, here we are to sort all that out. Put simply, investing is putting money away into a ‘platform’ in the hopes to receive more in the future. You can put the money away and … Continue reading “What The F%@K is Investing?”

Mastering the Art of Traveling on a Student Budget

Traveling on a student budget is truly an art: there’s the research, the budgeting, the adapting, the planning. It’s about making the most out of a little, and mastering that is a proper skill. Traveling is also such an important part of ‘growing up’ (yes we’re still growing). It opens up your mind and your … Continue reading “Mastering the Art of Traveling on a Student Budget”

Simple Steps to Start Investing in College (US Version)

Ahhh investing… the word gives you the chills.  You might imagine ‘investing’ as old men with cigars discussing numbers or even bankers attacking each other as they try to put their money into some weird machine. I always thought it was a boring adult thing that I would never have to deal with, until I … Continue reading “Simple Steps to Start Investing in College (US Version)”