Money Experiment 7: Earn Money with Online Surveys

online surveys

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If you’re as active on the web as me, you probably have been hammered with blog posts and even emails about how you should sign up for this and that to get a $5 bonus and start making money completing surveys. I swear a day does not pass without someone publishing an article about how much money they make with surveys and cashback sites.

So in honor of the Money Experiments and to a  few people’s request, I decided join the crew and complete some surveys to test out their effectiveness.

Will it be a waste of time? Maybe. Will I earn a lot of money? Unlikely. But as a student discovering the world of money, I think it’s time to find out.

My strategy will be very simple: sign up to several survey and cashback sites and use them for 2 months. Then, publish the results as a millionaire (could be?).

online surveys

Here are the ones I’m signing up for:


(if you sign up through this link you get 50 free SB!). This is the one people don’t shut up about, so it’s definitely on the list. Very simple, you complete surveys and in return earn something called SB. Eventually you can turn those SB into cash with Paypal or Amazon gift cards.



Instead of shopping online directly through a website, shop through TopCashBack to earn rewards and bonuses. You can even pay your wifi provider through this and earn cashback (discovered this a bit too late). Pretty much any time you’re clicking a button with ‘Pay Now’ on it, you could be getting a discount through TopCashBack (yes even Stocks & Shares ISAs). Kinda pumped about this one.



Short and quick surveys for pretty much £0.20p each. You get a payout once you reach £30. Could be interesting.



This one is pretty cool because you get paid to play games as well as complete surveys. The surveys are also quirky and fun and you get quite a range of ways to earn money.  


Global Test Market

The usual: complete surveys and earn something called LifePoints. Then depending on how many LifePoints you earn you can redeem through Paypal or other cool vouchers.



You might have heard of this one a lot too. Basically another Cashback company but focused mainly on stuff you would find on Amazon: clothes, electronics, and even a few hotel deals. I’ll be comparing between Ebates and TopCashback to see which one gives back the most.

There are many more survey and Cashback sites (check out a list of them here) but I’d rather focus on a few and not inundate my brain with tons of different websites.

The plan: Spend at least 1 hour a day completing surveys for 1 month. 1 hour a day is doable for pretty much any student, and I want to see if it’s worth it for the busy ones. So I’ll be basing my earnings over 28 hours.

There’s even a forum at Money Saving Expert where people compare and discuss different survey sites (some guy made £3500 in like two years!)

I know this is a short article, but I just wanted to present my Money Experiment so I can get started and we can all discover the real truth about online surveys…

Results will be up in a month!


Have any experience with surveys? Comment below!