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4 Exciting Apprenticeship Programs You Can Apply for This Year

4 Exciting Apprenticeship Programs You Can Apply for This Year

4 Exciting Apprenticeship Programs You Can Apply for This Year

Apprenticeship programs are the ultimate university hack.

Imagine getting paid, earning experience and completing a degree at the same time – and then having a job waiting for you once you end. That’s an apprenticeship.

People are calling it ‘modern education’ and the new key to getting a job. So they’re definitely worth a shot.

I’ve scoured round the web for a bit and found some awesome apprenticeships that sound very interesting – so much so I was considering doing one for a while, but that’s still TBD.

apprenticeship programs

Here’s thy list:



Capgemini are global leaders in consulting, technology and outsourcing services. This means they basically go up to a company, do a bit of an analysis and then recommend how to improve their technology products and which new ones to implement. They call it ‘technology consultancy’.

They have several apprenticeships in technology and finance. The one that stood out the most was a Technology Degree Apprenticeship: you graduate from Aston University with a Digital & Technology Solutions degree with the skills and experience in the Tech sector while working for Capgemini. Applications are open right now! (September 2018).



Glaxo is a healthcare company developing pharmaceuticals, vaccines and consumer healthcare products. They have apprenticeship programs ranging from science, to engineering, to manufacturing and business operations.

The coolest part: the also offer fully funded degrees. That means you get experience,  A FREE DEGREE, and then a job. It’s a dream come true.

They’re a huge company so they have tons of apprenticeships. The fully funded degrees are called Degree Apprenticeships, they also have internships and tons of graduate degree opportunities. I’m telling you, this is pure gold.


JP Morgan

You probably have already heard of this one; it’s a huge multinational bank and financial services company, great for those getting into finance.

The highlight of these apprenticeships: you get to change country.

They offer apprenticeships in Australia, Japan and China. They have a pretty wide variety of apprenticeships ranging from Asset & Wealth Management to China Talent Development. Don’t know about you but this sounds very exciting.

The only thing I’d say here is that it’s probably pretty hard to get in; amazing opportunities from around the world means fierce competitions. But try anyway… you never know what could come your way.



An aerospace company that invests quite a lot in the UK defence sector. They’re well known for having great apprenticeships.

They take in 16-19 year olds, put them through an intensive training programme for 2-4 years and they graduate with amazing skills and experience. 90% of them successfully finish the programme!!

They currently have apprenticeship programs in the Helicopter and Electronics, Defence and Security Systems sectors, starting with software engineering and including business and cyber disciplines.

They seem to put in a lot of effort into their apprenticeships and are very proud of their results. A great option for anyone thinking of going into engineering.


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