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8 habits of successful people

8 habits of successful people

8 habits of successful people

We all have a different definition of success. For some it means money, for some it means family, for some it might mean power. Although we all want to be successful in different ways, there is one thing we all need: the correct mentality. The hardest part is actually achieving said mentality, because the positive energy coming from this change trickles down into everyday actions, and suddenly your dreams don’t seem so impossible. I recently read ‘Rich Habits: The Daily Success Habits of Wealthy People’ by Thomas Corley. The 1-hour-long-read book explains the daily habits of rich and successful people, and shows examples of how different people have completely changed their lifestyles. I trimmed it down to 8 habits which I believe are the most motivating and work best.

1. Negative habits

We all have them. Watching too much TV, eating unhealthy food, being rude to people we love, etc. Write them all down. And on the next column write the opposite of that habit – the positive one.

habits successful

Write them down, and do them.

2. Have daily, monthly and yearly goals

All those things you are dreaming of doing, you can do them. Just plan well and set realistic steps. Start with your long-term goals, and from there break them down into goals to do every month. I have an example of this on my Projects page. Every morning, write a to-do goal list with all the things you wish to achieve that day. These should be the steps to achieve your monthly and then yearly goals.


august goals successful

3. Practice self-improvement every single day

We can’t be perfect, but we can be better. This can be quite an enjoyable task; every day ask yourself ‘How could I improve myself?’ Maybe it’s meditation, maybe it’s a bit of exercise or just a bit of reading. Incorporate them into your daily goals and start with 15 min, then 30. Step by step you will feel yourself improving the way you want to.

4. Look after your health

No matter what Descartes says, the mind and body are pretty damn connected. If you work on your body, you brain will reap all the benefits. This means eating well and doing exercise, not diets. Incorporate it into your lifestyle, realise that you will only ever one health, and that you must take care of it. We all know deep inside what are the changes that will make us a healthy human being. Again, incorporate them into your daily goals.

exercise successful

Yas to running

5. Relationships

Surprise, surprise, we are also social beings. Other people ground us, they help us and they make us human. In order to keep good relations, you need to make an effort. Call people on their birthdays, have an agenda with their contact info so you remember their names. Remember that everyone likes being respected and appreciated, and it’s by giving love that you will receive it.

6. Procrastination

It’s now becoming socially acceptable to say ‘Sorry, I’m procrastinating.’, which really is just an excuse to say ‘I can’t be bothered’. Lame. Corley says it very well: Successful people don’t procrastinate. Write that down and stick it above your desk. If you want to be successful, just don’t delay it.

procrastination successful

7. Positive talking

Positive thinking is not easy, and when constantly surrounded by negativity, people telling you to ‘think positive’ does not help at all. In order to really ‘think positively’, the best way is to force yourself through actions. Start by talking positively. Don’t gossip and don’t complain endlessly. Then talk to yourself positively, saying things like ‘I did this today, well done’, ‘I accomplish my goals’, ‘I am successful’. As you force yourself to talk as a successful person, you will automatically think successfully. This will teach you to be in control of your emotions and feelings, and you will learn the discipline you need to keep going. A good way to get motivated is to read the book I mention above by Thomas Corley. I felt like a different person after finishing it, and it only took 1 hour of my time!

8. Pay yourself first

This is not new advice, but is still very sound. Basically, each time you receive your paycheck, Corley recommends setting aside 10% for a savings account, whether it’s for travel, retirement, or emergencies. Not only will this force you look for more creative ways to earn money, but it means you will always have a cushion to fall back on just in case something happens.

savings successful

Hopefully a bit more than that, but you get the idea.

The thing about success is that just one person can do it: you. All I can do is give advice and help you from time to time, the DESIRE for success must come from within you. Once you adopt this successful mentality, you don’t understand how you could have thought any other way. You engulf yourself into a world where you look forward to the next day, where you realise that there’s not much point in living if you aren’t having fun and maximizing your potential. Read the book, and get started!

I’d love to know your definition of success! Drop a comment below on your thoughts.

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