Ara – who?

Hey there!  My name’s AraMINTa, and I am the creator behind Financially Mint, the one and only website to help British university students understand what money is all about, written by an actual student.

I’m 19 years old, study with The Open University and live in the chilly but beautiful city of Edinburgh, Scotland, studying Business and Finance. I work part-time online as a digital marketing freelancer, I help manage my flat with Airbnb and manage the awesome podcast Financial Independence Europe with my two friends Alvar and Mathias.

I’m half Spanish half Scottish and love doing a bit of exploring. I did my gap year in China and Italy, and recently got back from a 3 month backpacking tour of South America (and called it an Experiment lol).


Why did I create Financially Mint?

I was going through quite a lot of books on my gap year, trying to figure out whether I really wanted to study Politics. Eventually, I hit the personal finance world, and was shocked:

It’s really that easy to take control of your money? It’s actually possible to earn money without a job?

And wow, there is A LOT I know nothing about.

Then, I got pissed. I was so angry that schools weren’t teaching us anything about taxes, credit cards, mortgages. All I ever was told was to earn amazing grades so I could get a good job, and let the rest take care of itself (it’s especially bad in Spain).

When I realised that there is so much more to life than just a job, I knew I had to discover more and share this message with other students.

Initially I used Financially Mint as a blog to keep track of everything I was learning about and discovering (they’re now called: Money Experiments), but when I realised the lack of information out there specifically for students, I decided to expand and start doing interviews, collaborate with other students and do as much research as possible.

You see, I am no expert in the finance world; I am learning along the way, like you, the student. However, once I understand a concept after researching and experimenting it, I am able to explain it well and in actual human words. I’ve done this with my WTF series and now with Student Guides.


What will you get from Financially Mint?

My goal is for students to use Financially Mint as their tool to understanding and managing money. I not only want you to have a budget, start saving and be frugal. I also want you to understand the why. Why be frugal? Why budget? Why should I earn more money?

I want you to graduate financially MINT (it’ll catch on eventually):

  • Ready for the adult world. Savings in place, a good job waiting for you and some goals for the future.
  • Financially literate: with a good understanding of what money is all about, why it’s such a fundamental part of our system, and how you can use it to live the life you want.

If you achieve those two states at graduation, you’ll be set for life.


Next steps

  1. Sign up for the FREE email course: it’ll help you get your finances in order very quickly, and set a good foundation for the future (and you’ll receive some cool emails from me).
  2. Go to Start Here and check out the tools available on Financially Mint: university basics, student guides, student hacks, interviews, etc.
  3. Drop me a message: this website is to help you. My inbox is always open and I will always answer your emails. Nothing makes me happier than helping other students figure out money. You can also find me on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr!
  4. Put it into practice: buy a finance book, ask some people about investing, get your budget on course. Start learning and practicing. The earlier you start the better!


And come join our community over on Reddit! A safe place where students can talk about issues, studies, university, money and all the rest! 


Let’s all work together and graduate the right way: Financially Mint!