Apps and software are what makes managing your money FUN.

Yes I do actually mean that. Here are some cool tools to check out:

(And no, not affiliated to any of these apps)



Coinkeeper: Great app to control every little bit of your money inflows and outflows. Good for beginners, nice interface.





Money Dashboard: Syncs with your bank account, calculates your net worth and does a lot of different tracking. Easy to understand interface and good for overall money management.


Bank apps


Starling bank: A mobile-only bank: no ATM fees, good exchange rate and no extra commissions. Sign up in minutes and you get a simple and easy to use checkings account.


Curve: Link all your cards to one: the Curve card. An app that holds all your cards in one place. Simply open the app, choose which card you want to pay from and use the Curve card. This is literally the future.





Revolut: Great when traveling around and exchanging currencies. No foreign exchange fees. Can easily send and receive money from others.



Chip: App to help you save. Connect to your bank account and from time to time it will take out some money and save it for you. Cool way to ‘save by accident’.





MoneyBox: The app for micro-investing: investing your spare change. It rounds up your daily purchases and with that money invests into different companies. An easy way to get started with investing.