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Financial Freedom from the 4 Hour Work Week

Financial Freedom from the 4 Hour Work Week

Financial Freedom from the 4 Hour Work Week

In this book Tim Ferriss seriously helps the reader to question their current employment position, and then describes, step by step, how to cut down time-wasters, start a side-hustle (muse) and then proceed to work few hours a week for double or triple the money. Sounds like the epitome of financial freedom, right? Read the book ????

4 hour work week financial independence

  • 80/20 rule

What 20% of your effort produces the 80% of results? Do you have time-consuming clients? Useless meetings? Endless emails about when the meeting should take place? Cut them out. Ferriss outlines ways to remove meetings altogether, to get people to stop rambling and to just get to the point. If a client is time-consuming and does not spend much, fire them. Make your emails extremely concise so there is no endless back and forth. In the end Ferriss explains his way of not having any contact with email at all. Amazing!

  • Less hours in the office

Having a boss means it’s hard to work less hours at the office and to have control of your own time. Ferriss suggests handing in a proposal to your boss about working remotely from home. You start by asking for a trial period of about 2 weeks, and maximize your productivity so you show the positive results from working remotely. You convince your boss it’s more effective, and end up as a full time remote employee! He presents different techniques to get this proposal forward, and many times it can work. There is no harm in trying.

  • Virtual Assistants

VAs are life saviors. Any task which takes up your time and could be done by someone else should be outsourced. If it can’t be someone at your office, hire an online VA. These are hardworking people from places like India, Bangladesh, or in your own country who will work while you sleep and make sure all the tasks are completed effectively. By outsourcing all the small work (emails, research, etc.) you have more time to focus on the big things (projects, your family, etc.)

virtual assistant financial independence

  • Side-hustle

Now you have more time to yourself, you can start focusing on a side business. Ferriss explains literally each step to finding a product which will sell, outsourcing all the manufacture, and selling.. You start in a niche you identify yourself with, create or change a new product that would sell to that niche, test the demand, advertise and sell! I’ve decided to hack a plan to start my own ‘muse’ and will explain in a later post.

  • Time

You have a decent income, you have more time and you are controlling what is happening


around you. Now you realize your most valuable asset is time, not money. You want to buy time by hiring more VAs, working full time remotely or even quitting your job! You remove everything that is high maintenance and you work on what you want. Whether that means starting projects you enjoy (podcast, book, seminars) or just leisure (spending time with family and friends, traveling, living somewhere else). Simply, doing what you want, having real financial freedom.

travel world financial independence

Although it may seem like quite a process, it’s simpler than you think. You just have to start and the results will give you the encouragement to keep going. If you think this is a path you are interested in following to have more independence, then you know what to do: buy the book and have a talk with your boss!

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