Learn how to manage your money in UNIVERSITY

Written by an actual university student.

The job search

The job search

The job search

I need to get a job.

Although I’m a student, I still want a little extra money than what I get for food and rent. I love learning about money, but currently I’m not earning any online (yet), so I have to back to old-fashioned job searching. I tell myself a job in a bar or restaurant should be enough because of my overall lack of qualifications. However, after two weeks of application sending and a cancelled interview, nothing comes up. Deep inside, I know I’m not making enough of an effort. I’m not exactly enthusiastic about being a waitress or bartender, so my personal statements don’t stand out enough. Do I really have a choice? I ask myself.

I go to an employment adviser for help. She looks at my CV and I explain my problem. She asks me what kind of job I’m looking for.

‘I want to learn how to sell myself’ I say. ‘I want to learn how to market and promote on the internet. If I can sell myself or my products, I can practically work as anything I want in the future.’ The problem is that I have no qualifications and no experience.

She agrees.

‘You have something else, though.’ She continues. ‘You have enthusiasm and you have youth. Marketing companies are always looking for new ideas and fresh blood. Go out there.’ I’m slightly surprised. ‘Contact the companies directly, tell them the difference you could make to your company. Sell yourself to them.’

This conversation with the career adviser really changed my perspective. Normally, I have no problem with putting myself ‘out there’, but my lack of qualifications made me think ‘Agh, no one would take an unexperienced teenager.’

So now, I change tactic. Instead of sending applications with unappealing statements through job websites, I send a direct email to the companies I want to work for, and show them how I would be an asset. I am effectively, selling myself.

marketing job

Why a job in marketing?

I believe marketing is a very important part of financial education. It’s learning how people respond to certain messages, how to grab their attention and how to convert them to buyers. What better way to improve your marketing skills than actively working in the sector? This skill appears in practically all job areas, for example, investing and law. However, the biggest reason I choose marketing is because of the large presence online. Earning money online is based on promoting your brand to the internet. It’s convincing people online that they should buy your product/service. And if I want to live the digital nomad life, that’s where I start.


The moral of the story

1. If you want something, go out there and get it.
2. Don’t be scared that ‘you’re not enough’, someone will always be interested
3. Don’t sell yourself short. As I explain in this post, many times it’s the unqualified but proactive who do a better job than the qualified but unmotivated..
4. ‘Ya tienes el NO’ A great saying in Spanish which means ‘You already got the NO’ So go out there and get the YES.



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