This website itself is a huge financial and personal experiment. Will I be able to keep it going? Will I learn about money? Will I even earn money? We’ll both be discovering the answer at the same time, amigo.

Every month I write out a monthly report on my Experiments and I’ll include a few stats from here.

What do I hope to achieve:

  • Learn about money
  • Earn a bit of an income
  • Evaluate whether blogging can be a career for me


Here are my reports so far!

First Month: The Himalayas

Stats for September

  • Pageviews: 467
  • Subscribers: 13 (Goal completed! More than 10 subscribers)
  • Wrote 8 blog posts (Goal completed! Publish 2 articles a week)

google analytics track report

Mini Himalayas



  • Get 1000 pageviews
  • 30 subscribers
  • Change domain name (still looking for those $75 :/)

What I’ve learnt

  • Community is SO important. I’ve started a 30 day challenge with Pete McPherson at Do You Even Blog, and I’ve started reaching out to other Personal Finance bloggers. Not only am I learning so much but I am making friends and connecting with like minded people (check out the Blogger Recognition Award).
  • Friends and family are willing to help out and are interested in what you are up to (thanks for subscribing guys <3)