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How is my Personal Finance website different?

How is my Personal Finance website different?

How is my Personal Finance website different?

I’ve decided to write a separate post on why my blog is different, simply to make it clear what you are getting by reading this young but unpretentious website. Nowadays there are blogs at every nook and cranny. Want to build a treehouse? There’s a blog about it. Want to learn how train your cat to catch mice? Also a blog about it. There’s even a blog about ugly Rennaissance babies (I kid you not, and you can find it here). It’s fantastic, because there’s help and information on any little thing you can imagine. I saw this, and immediately wanted to get in on this! So here I am, with my own personal finance blog.

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My favourite Ugly Rennaissance Baby pic so far


Why Personal Finance?

I can’t believe how ineffective and outdated our education system is. I still can’t get over how unprepared we all were when we finished high school and had to choose what to do with our futures. We honestly knew nothing about money, just that we could buy some cool stuff, and that it disappeared quickly. I genuinely didn’t realise how important money is until I started traveling. I saw how people spent their lives labouring for the monthly paycheck and complaining about having no time and no social life. I saw how others lived off their parents money going to exciting places and not worrying about the future. And then I saw those who traveled and earned money online, letting them go where they pleased and when they pleased.

Seeing what money does to people and how others handle it is fascinating. And what better way to see more of them than by learning about money itself? By immersing myself in money, I understand more and more what our society is based on and how it works. How do the richer get richer and the poorer get poorer? Why can’t people get out of the rat race? Why do people love saying ‘money doesn’t buy happiness? These are all questions I want to answer.

As I learn about money, you, the lucky reader, will be fortunate enough to join in and see how my each step will lead me to financial success (oh yes I’ll get there). And if you follow closely and try it out yourself, I’m sure we will all end up there one way or another.

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I’m not sure why they’re in a desert but yes, we’re aiming to go up.



Who can benefit from this website?

Students: Like me, you have no idea about finance and you want to learn something before getting out into the real world. The thought of mortgages, taxes, credit cards and anything related to personal finance terrifies you and you definitely don’t want to be broke.

Employees: You know a bit about money but just the things you think you need to know. Listen, my friend, the more you understand the money, the less it will scare you and the easier it will be to achieve your financial goals. Education is key, and I hope my weekly ‘money posts’ will help you understand specific concepts. My first one was on Index Funds.

Entrepreneur: Just like the employee, you are always learning about money. If you feel you have no time to read those fascinating Entrepreneur books or just don’t know how to improve, check out my more lifestyle blog posts like these. They are short and concise and great to get your motivation going.

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Water = Education


So, am I really different?

Really, all blogs are unique, and they all have tons of personal finance tips and tricks which are helpful to everyone. There are the experts, the ones in the middle and the beginners. However, as a beginner, I often get frustrated with the tons of advice out there. There is so much information, I don’t know where to get started and who to listen to! So what can I do? Experiment. I read the most interesting methods and strategies and try them out. This ranges from investing, real estate, online businesses and normal jobs. I have a clean slate: no debt and no mortgage. Just a job and student ID. So what do I have to lose? I know that if I end up broke, I will always find a way out, whether it’s through another job, asking for help or working my way through it. I trust myself.

However, if you feel experimenting is risky, then you can simply read what I do and see if it could work for you. I’m the guinea pig, and this is my diary. I’ll be reading books, taking courses, calling advisers and starting small businesses. Will it work? We’ll see. All you have to do is read and laugh at my attempts to earn money (maybe also subscribe? :D) Life is an adventure and is meant to be enjoyed, so I have no regrets!

Let’s all ruin my life together!

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