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What is the Science of Getting Rich?

What is the Science of Getting Rich?

What is the Science of Getting Rich?

After reading ‘The Science of Getting Rich’ by Wallace Wattles, it really dawned on me how being rich and successful is a mindset, it’s a passion and it’s a journey. If you think rich, you become rich. Although I disagreed with a few points in the book (Wattles says only to read his advice and ignore everyone else, like really?), I would like to share some if his insights on how to achieve said rich mentality.

What does ‘being rich’ mean?

Being rich means doing things a certain way and thinking a certain way. You can win the lottery, have rich parents, or be a drug lord and still end up poor because you have the wrong methods.Wattles explains that everything comes from a thought, and therefore, so should riches. It is by having enough willpower to take action on those thoughts that one becomes successful.

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Don’t blame the environment

You could have two people in the same business, one will be rich and one will be poor. Two people in the same neighbourhood, two people with the same talents, one could still be rich or poor. The most important take here is that you shouldn’t blame your environment for being poor. You have the power to change your surroundings, to create opportunities and to improve yourself. You have the right to be rich.


Every morning visualise what you would like your house to look like, your account balance, your home. Imagine yourself having already achieved those goals, and let that vision inspire you to plan them properly. It’s very easy to say ‘I want to be rich and successful’, everyone does! Think of a specific goal, a certain amount of money or a certain status you want to achieve.

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You can even visualise in a corn field if you wish

Help the poor by being rich

Although a more controversial idea, it does make sense. Think of the well known quote ‘Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day; show him how to catch fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.’ Instead of giving enough money to a homeless person to last them a day, teach them how to be rich. How? By becoming rich yourself, Wattles says. Be a success model, inspire them to get out of their situation. Don’t be competitive, be creative. That is how you achieve success. Think that poor people are people who are about to become rich, so congratulate them on their path instead of pitying them.

Your own business

If you want to achieve something enough then you will learn how to do it. You can become successful in any business, you will just need to make the tools necessary along the way. This means that if you really want to become a pianist, you should become one, whether you feel you have the natural talents or not. Follow the vocation that you want, because there is not much point to working without enjoyment.

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Many people might say ‘But life is not all about money’ ‘Does being rich really mean being successful?’ etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. Good point. However, Wattles puts forward another good point: in order to fully develop yourself, you will need all the tools available. And, pray, how do you get those tools? Money. Yes, money means freedom, and freedom is what allows you to do what you wish in the world. Of course, as I explain in my last post Should We Sacrifice the Present or the Future?, this doesn’t mean we need to work day and night to reach those riches, we can also enjoy the journey and make sure we learn about all aspects of life. It really all depends on your own self, as usual, so why not start controlling that freedom now and planning your goals?

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