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September Experiment Track Report

September Experiment Track Report

September Experiment Track Report

This track report is mainly so I can track my progress on all my experiments as well as this website. It’s also to motivate me to keep going, as well as others who are interested in following the same activities I’m doing. All I measure are pageviews, sales, conversions and hopefully in a near future, income!

Also, my blog is now 2 months old! I can’t believe how much it’s grown and I am proud of everything I’ve accomplished. Here are the September goals I put in place at the beginning of the month:

  • Make 1 sale through Shopify
  • 30 Facebook likes
  • 10 Subscribers
  • Publish 2 articles each week
  • Change website domain

Let’s see how I’ve done!

Financially Mint Website


  • Pageviews: 467
  • Subscribers: 13 (Goal completed! More than 10 subscribers)
  • Wrote 8 blog posts (Goal completed! Publish 2 articles a week)
google analytics track report

Mini Himalayas



  • Get 1000 pageviews
  • 30 subscribers
  • Change domain name (still looking for those $75 :/)

What I’ve learnt

  • Community is SO important. I’ve started a 30 day challenge with Pete McPherson at Do You Even Blog, and I’ve started reaching out to other Personal Finance bloggers. Not only am I learning so much but I am making friends and connecting with like minded people (check out the Blogger Recognition Award).
  • Friends and family are willing to help out and are interested in what you are up to (thanks for subscribing guys <3)

Wicked Shopper



  • FIRST SALE!!! Unbelievable! The look on my face when I checked my email and saw that order 1002 had gone through! (1001 was me testing). I was honestly too shocked to react. Someone buying MY product with THEIR money? Apparently it happens. Anyway I’m absolutely thrilled and it really encourages me to keep going!
  • Pageviews: 375
  • Sales: 1
  • Added to cart and reached checkout: 4 (just an interesting stat)
shopify analytics track report

Another mini Himalayas

Facebook Ads

Pageviews: 104

Page likes: 699 (explained down below)

Post engagements: 205

Total spent on ads: £10

facebook analytics track report

I’ll have to compare these to the Pyrenees

What I’ve learnt

  • Personal promoting is working best so far (asking someone to promote my products)
  • Although targeting ads to Bangladesh, who had the highest keyword search for ‘choker’, got me 700 likes, the engagement is very low, no click through rate and no Add to Carts from Facebook. Suspicions are they are fake likes. Lesson learnt, no more Bangladesh.
  • My shop has to have several different products but all in the same niche: Accessories. I can’t start selling loudspeakers and even iPhone cases is taking it too far. People get confused.
  • Checking out other social media sites. I think starting an Instagram profile for my shop helped make the site more legit and increased engagement

Twitter Growth

My short 5 day travels in Europe meant I was off the Twitter radar and lost a bit of engagement. For future travels I will have a laptop with me to solve that problem.

twitter analytics track report

Not too sure what these are…

  • Impressions: 16.2K
  • Tweets: 106
  • Profile visits: 829
  • Followers Total: 1327
  • September followers: 306


  • Gain 500 more followers
  • Spend 30 min everyday curating content

What I’ve learnt

  • Twitter is a great way to interact and meet people
  • I should repost my old blog posts every few days, but first need to upgrade my Buffer package (£10 a month :/)
  • Tweetdeck and Feedly are lifesavers!
happy dog track report

Finishing the month on a high


So far I feel this month I have achieved much more than last month, although I don’t feel I worked more. This shows that with time and practice, things do get easier and better. I feel even more motivated to continue my experiments and really enjoying my time working online and discovering the different possible projects. Looking forward to doing the October Progress report!

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