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Top 5 financial websites

Top 5 financial websites

Top 5 financial websites

I decided to do a bit of research on who else is talking about money out in the online world, and it turns out there are more financial websites than I thought. The blogs vary between how to spend as little as possible to how to earn as much as possible. My attitude is more towards the latter, so I focus on websites which teach you how to increase your spending. Here goes:


Millenial Money Man

This guy paid off over 40,000$ of debt in a year and a half, and then dedicated his life to his website. He has very good advice for other millennials like him and his articles range from starting blogs to investing and dealing with loans. My favourite post is a list of all the different ways to earn a passive income. This got me started on drop-shipping (more news on that soon).

millennial money man financial websites


Money Peach

He is a similar blogger in the way that him and his wife got out of debt and started living ‘on the other side’. He is more of a coach than just a blogger, with many tools such as mortgage calculators, courses, and training. Great for people looking for a plan to pay of their debt. He even has a podcast on all aspects of money. His articles are short and to the point and get you quickly started on small ways to earn money.


Zack & Jen

They own a tool called FreeUp which helps you calculate how to save up and control everything you’re spending. Their blog has articles covering all aspects of money and they do things such as blog coaching and a course.


Afford Anything

An inspiring story of a woman who quits her job to travel the world and then decides to invest in real-estate to escape trading time-for-money and start earning a passive income. Her blog is more about herself and lifestyle and how she manages real-estate investing and money managing. Great blog for inspiration.

The College Investor

He’s a combination of the last 4 bloggers. He has a section for student loans, earning money, saving money and investing. Great if you have a specific issue and need some help on it. What I especially like is how he has a forum where you can discuss anything you want related to money and the lifestyle.

college investor financial websites

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with the huge amount of finance blogs out there, and they all have good advice and interesting stories. So who to choose? Choose the one you can relate the most to. The one who started the same way you did. The hardest part for me is seeing how all the blogs talk about having reached success and getting to ‘the other side’, no one is really just at the beginning. Although my blog is still a baby, I hope it will grow as I continue educating myself, and eventually reach my definition of success!

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