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Top Scholarships and Bursaries You Should Apply to Now

Top Scholarships and Bursaries You Should Apply to Now

Top Scholarships and Bursaries You Should Apply to Now

Bursaries and scholarships didn’t even cross my mind when I was applying to universities.

‘It’s for the clever ones’ ‘I’ll never get it anyway’.


You don’t have to be clever to get a scholarship or a bursary. In fact, institutions are having to work hard to get the attention of students, and over £150 million in scholarships go unclaimed every year. You’re much more likely to get some free money than you think.

They’re way better than student loans because guess what? You don’t have to pay them back. And even it’s just something like £1,000, this can get you very far. So why not just try?

scholarships and bursaries


Here are the top sites to find scholarships:


Your University

Maybe your university offers scholarships and bursaries and you have no idea. Go onto their website and do a bit of searching. If not, go talk to the career department and see what they have to say. You never know what could come bouncing your way.



The Scholarship Hub

A pretty amazing platform which lists different scholarships from different organisations. All you have to do is register for free and do some searching. And don’t just search for your subject… you may something else that could suit you. You can get a scholarship for academic excellence, music, personal circumstances, financial need, sports or even marketing. Take a look.




Another pretty amazing platform that lists different grants and bursaries offered by charities. They will help you based on your occupation, health and general circumstances. I put in my postcode and found 13 offers! Once again, just try it.



Crowd Scholar

As they say themselves Your circumstances should never limit your ability to pursue your dreams’. They offer scholarships to students they believe deserve a full ride to education. Might be harder to get, but if you are determined to go to university, this may be for you.




Degree apprenticeships

Honestly, degree apprenticeships are the holy grail of education. You get an on-the-job experience, the opportunity to study a degree and all of this for free! They’re called the ‘new education’ and what’s now and coming. More opportunities, more experience and better pay.

Take a look around Prospects, UCAS and the Gov site for some ideas.




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