Schools have failed us.

We enter the real world with no idea how to do taxesmake money or… wait WTF is a mortgage?

My name is Araminta, and I’m a British university student.

My mission is to help other students understand and manage money in university.

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Budgeting. The key to keeping track of your money and making sure it doesn't all disappear within the first night out.

You want to earn money. You want a job. Here's how to get the best kind of job.

save money in university

Surviving on a shoe-string budget isn't easy. Learn to save the right way

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Need an expert? I interview people with experience and who will give solid advice


Do surveys really work? What about matched betting? I try it out.

WTF is...?

Ever read some random financial jargon and been like 'WTF?' I try to answer those

credit cards

Student guides

In depth and well written guides to pretty much everything

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