2017 Blogging Review

  It’s the 31 of December 2017 and I thought it would be fitting to do a detailed blogging review of my 2017 blogging year as well as the results from my Money Experiment 1: Blogging. (yes I KNOW today is the 2nd of January but due to a technical problem (WordPress reloading and losing … Continue reading “2017 Blogging Review”

What The F%@K is Investing?

You’ve probably heard a lot about investing. You might be scared of it. You might not know what it means. Well, here we are to sort all that out. Put simply, investing is putting money away into a ‘platform’ in the hopes to receive more in the future. You can put the money away and … Continue reading “What The F%@K is Investing?”

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Find Your Ideal Job: Entering The Workforce After Graduation

I am happy to present you with this contributor post on finding that ideal job once out of uni. This post may contain affiliate links. Read my Disclosure for more info. There are no two ways about it; finding a graduate job can be a tough one. There are plenty of people applying for the … Continue reading “Find Your Ideal Job: Entering The Workforce After Graduation”

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Top 7 Ways to Earn Passive Income as a Student

Passive income is awesome. It’s one of the keys to being wealthy and reaching financial freedom. And the good news is you can start earning passive income as soon as you’re ready: in university. The college student’s life is honestly the best time to start planting some passive income seeds. What do I mean exactly … Continue reading “Top 7 Ways to Earn Passive Income as a Student”

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How to Build Financial Self-Discipline in College

This post may contain affiliate links. Read my disclosure for more info. Ever splurged on takeaway with still some leftover food in the kitchen? Or suddenly decided to buy drinking rounds for everyone? Or even been surprised with an unexpected bill (it’s-a-me Amazon Prime)? It’s not hard to be have a ‘just another drink’ attitude … Continue reading “How to Build Financial Self-Discipline in College”

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Results: Money Experiment 5 (Giving £1 a day)

It’s been a month and a bit since I started Money Experiment 5: The Art of giving £1 a day. My goal with this experiment was to give away £1 a day to charity, strangers, the homeless, etc, in an attempt to understand the effects of giving away money and what it would make me … Continue reading “Results: Money Experiment 5 (Giving £1 a day)”

How to Balance Work and Study at University

Studying at university is already pretty bloody hard, but with rising rents and high tuitions us students sometimes don’t have much choice but to pile on more work with a job (yay). It’s not all bad though. Having a job in university has quite a few advantages: more skills, better discipline, people management and money … Continue reading “How to Balance Work and Study at University”

I asked 42 students about Personal Finance. Here’s what they said + Resource Pack

Personal Finance is a subject which is not talked about enough in college; students graduate unprepared and are hit with money issues they didn’t even see coming (I actually have to pay back my education???). And that’s simply because we don’t have financial education in the curriculum. So I went on Tumblr and asked 42 … Continue reading “I asked 42 students about Personal Finance. Here’s what they said + Resource Pack”

Why You Should Study What You Love

This post is inspired from Danny Dalah’s awesome music video: How to Pick A College Major. As you might have guessed, the moral behind the song/video is that you should study what you love because we’re all f*cked anyway. Although funny and with a sad element of truth to it, I thought I would explore … Continue reading “Why You Should Study What You Love”

What the F@%K is tax? (UK)

Ah tax. An inevitable topic for my What the F@%K series. For many people, tax = headache. Many of us students have no idea what it means, where it goes and whether we should be paying for it. And for many others it consists of a lot of numbers and a lot of ‘I don’t … Continue reading “What the F@%K is tax? (UK)”