About me

Who am I?

Hey! This is me,  Araminta:



I am a millennial university student. I am currently based in Scotland, UK and studying Accounting with Law part-time in Edinburgh. What am I doing with the rest of time? Learning about money.


How is my website different?

There are many personal finance websites, and they are all extremely helpful and interesting. Many of them revolve around getting out of debt, being frugal or earning more money. All those topics are extremely important which I hope to cover as well, but I want to start at the complete beginning. I don’t just want to manage money, I want to understand it. Schools have failed teaching us what mortgages, credit cards and taxes are, so I’m taking things into my own hands. Through this website I will be teaching myself all these topics, and writing about it. I will be tracking all my steps and achievements, to be followed by anyone interested.


Why do I want to understand?

After reading Rich Dad Poor Dad, I realized that the secret to financial independence is education. I know that once I understand how money works, earning it won’t be a problem. I’ve just started university and I know already I would hate to have a 9-5 job, so I have to find more creative ways to earn money. You’ll find out with me.


How will I educate myself?

Learning about money starts with Accounting, Law, Investing and Understanding Markets. I’ll be learning about the first two through my course, and the rest through online courses, books, webinars and other websites. I have very little capital so it will all be for free (except university).


What I want from you!

As someone who just started university, I am starting completely from the bottom (I haven’t even started paying taxes yet!). I don’t know much about money, only what I keep publishing on my blog. I want you, the reader, to be part of my ‘journey’ to understanding money, in other words, financial independence. Blog posts come out every two days, and I’m active on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Get started

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