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What The F%@K is Property Investing?

Property investing? The F@%K is that? In the US it’s more commonly known as ‘real estate’, but in the UK people like to get fancy and call it ‘property investing’. It’s basically the same thing, just each one follows each country’s rules. Here’s what we’re going to be covering today: 1- What is property investing/real … Continue reading “What The F%@K is Property Investing?”

What The F%@K is Investing?

You’ve probably heard a lot about investing. You might be scared of it. You might not know what it means. Well, here we are to sort all that out. Put simply, investing is putting money away into a ‘platform’ in the hopes to receive more in the future. You can put the money away and … Continue reading “What The F%@K is Investing?”

What the F@%K is tax? (UK)

Ah tax. An inevitable topic for my What the F@%K series. For many people, tax = headache. Many of us students have no idea what it means, where it goes and whether we should be paying for it. And for many others it consists of a lot of numbers and a lot of ‘I don’t … Continue reading “What the F@%K is tax? (UK)”

What the F@%K is a Lifestyle Fund?

I’m starting this series of ‘What the F@%K is a…’ in order to express the thought I have each time I see some financial jargon in a newspaper/magazine and have ABSOLUTELY no idea what it means. I then proceed to my good friend Google and look up said definition only to be bombarded with ten … Continue reading “What the F@%K is a Lifestyle Fund?”

What the F@%K are Index Funds?

So you’ve heard investing is risky. You’ve heard you need quite a lot of money to get started. You’ve heard it’s a lot like gambling. And guess what? You’re right. After reading The Little Book of Common Sense Investing by John C Bogle, I present a solution so you can take a slice of the … Continue reading “What the F@%K are Index Funds?”