If you’ve been scrolling through my different blog posts, you may have noticed a few with the title ‘Money Experiment’. These are experiments that I am doing to test different strategies to do with money. This can range from earning money, investing or just marketing. By following my experiments step by step, I can understand what makes them successful and what doesn’t. The same applies to the reader.

My experiments are constantly being updated, so this page is a good place to check out my progress on each project. So far, here are the ones I am currently working on:


1. Website

This website in itself is a huge experiment. It educates me, it gives me experience and it allows me to explore all kinds of topics. Every week I send out 2 money blog posts and I’m constantly marketing it on Twitter and Facebook. Every month I send out a Track Report to track how my website is doing. Here is a Category with all the Track Reports (first one will be September).

2. Wicked Shopper

This is my Money Experiment 1. When I discovered drop-shipping, I knew I had to try it out. I’m still in the learning process, but the shop is set up and I have one person on Instagram promoting my products. For all the details and updates, check the article here, and you can check my online shop here. If you want to do a bit of drop-shipping yourself, this is a good place to start.

wicked shopper


3. Twitter Growth

Marketing is essential for both my website and my shop, so I need to learn how to do it effectively. After reading ‘Grow your Twitter Account like a Pro’ by the Social Ms I decided to follow their advice as an experiment. For more details visit my Money Experiment 2.

twitter marketing experimentsI’m constantly looking for more Experiment ideas so if you have one please don’t hesitate to Contact me!


Here I also keep track of my goals and whether I am completing them or not!

august goals projects

August Goals:

  • Sell a product through my online store
  • Have 10 subscribers to my website
  • Change the website theme to make it more appealing
  • Change the website domain
  • Get 30 likes on Facebook
  • Find a third social media platform to promote my website
  • Guest post on someone else’s website
  • 1000 Twitter followers

september goals projects

  • Make 1 sale through Shopify
  • 30 Facebook likes
  • 10 Subscribers
  • Publish 2 articles each week
  • Change website domain