Money Experiment 6: Earn Money with Matched Betting

I can see you. I can see you cringing at the word ‘betting’. Right now you are imagining casinos, roulettes and money falling from the sky and people running around losing thousands. Well, fret not reader, I’m talking about matched betting. Yes, there is a difference. In fact the largest difference is… you never lose. … Continue reading “Money Experiment 6: Earn Money with Matched Betting”

Simple Steps to Start Investing in College (US Version)

Ahhh investing… the word gives you the chills.  You might imagine ‘investing’ as old men with cigars discussing numbers or even bankers attacking each other as they try to put their money into some weird machine. I always thought it was a boring adult thing that I would never have to deal with, until I … Continue reading “Simple Steps to Start Investing in College (US Version)”

Top 5 Skill-Building Jobs for College Students

You want money. You want skills. You don’t want to work in a fast food restaurant. The solution? A side-hustle that will give you money and skills, and not leave you smelling of over-calorific oily fries everyday. Yes it exists. College is the perfect place to start a side-hustle because you have more time (if … Continue reading “Top 5 Skill-Building Jobs for College Students”

Why is Personal Finance so Important for us College Kids?

You step out of the front doors of your university. The sun is shining, birds are chirping, you can feel the wind slightly caressing your cheeks. You’ve just graduated from college with honours and feel like you’ve completed a big step in your life. You feel satisfied. Then, out of nowhere, a sharp ringing sound … Continue reading “Why is Personal Finance so Important for us College Kids?”

5 Money Management Habits to Acquire in College

You’re in college and you feel free. You can eat what you want, go to class when you want, and even spend money on what you want. FREEDOM. It feels amazing. Then slowly, you start realising the number on your bank account balance starts to decrease. Your wallet is emptying faster than you think and … Continue reading “5 Money Management Habits to Acquire in College”

How to Acquire a Financial DIY Mentality

Schools have failed to teach us how to manage money once in the real world. We’re all going to be earning money, spending money and hopefully, saving money, and yet many of us DON’T KNOW what money even really is!! It sucks, and it doesn’t help us. Want to live the rest of your life … Continue reading “How to Acquire a Financial DIY Mentality”

Financial Experiments: The Fun Way to Finance

What if I told you finances are fun? That saving money, spending less and calculating tax returns is basically a hobby? That Calculating your budget is something you can look forward to? Ok ok, it might seem like a bit of a stretch, but it IS possible to make your finances fun. And it’s through … Continue reading “Financial Experiments: The Fun Way to Finance”

Money Experiment 5: The Art of Giving £1 a Day

Woohoo! A new experiment! In this experiment I will be committing myself to giving away one pound ($1.31 as of today) a day. This includes giving away to friends, family, charity and even strangers. Read on to find out the why and the how behind this project: Why? How many times has someone told you ‘give … Continue reading “Money Experiment 5: The Art of Giving £1 a Day”

Fat taxes: good or bad idea?

Today I decided to scratch my own itch and understand what a ‘fat tax’ really is and whether it’s a good idea. After doing a bit of research, I settled on Wikipedia (I see you judging) for a good definition: Fat tax: a tax placed on fattening food, beverages or on overweight individuals. The main … Continue reading “Fat taxes: good or bad idea?”

How to Deal with Financial Pressure

I’m not married, I don’t have kids nor a proper job; I’m still at university figuring out how to make a proper omelette (help).Yet I still suffer from financial pressure. I have that feeling of ‘I can do better’: earn more money, work more hours, save more money. Where is the limit? How am I … Continue reading “How to Deal with Financial Pressure”