Money Experiment 3: Twitter Growth

Although this experiment may not be considered a ‘Money Experiment’, I’ve included it because it’s part of my Blogging experiment. This one is how I’m implementing marketing techniques to increase my audience and get more out there. It’s a great skill to have, especially when earning money online.

What I hope to achieve:

  • Increase my Twitter followers substantially
  • Increase engagement both on my blog and my Twitter account


  • Reading the book described bellow
  • Putting its techniques into action
  • Evaluation

My Strategy

The book I’m using for this experiment is ‘Grow your Twitter Account like a Pro’ by the Social Ms. My plan is to focus on one social media platform every 3 months, starting with Twitter, so their short 300 page eBook just came in handy.Twitter is great to start promoting your content because you can basically talk to anyone about anything. Twitter has all the niches you can imagine, and most people are down to talking with complete strangers.

After avidly reading this Twitter eBook, I decided to put a strategy into action to see if their advice works and if I could grow my Twitter account to a large number. Not only will this mean more traffic to my site, but I will be able to learn about the community, get to know more people and optimize my blog posts.

My Present Situation:

Number of followers Number I’m following Number of Tweets
September 1,147 1,339 609


I started my Twitter Account at the beginning of August, so my account isn’t doing too bad for 2 month old baby. But of course, I want better.

After reading the eBook, here are steps I am taking:

Personal Account

  • Changed bio to identify myself more easily
  • Put a header image with a Finance quote (Canva)


financiallymint twitter growth

Yes, maybe a bit tacky, but at least you get the message


Buffer is an amazing tool. We all know that a Tweet has a very short life, drowning amidst the thousands of other tweets each person reads. Which means the more you tweet the better. However, we can’t constantly be on Twitter and you don’t want to send 10 tweets in a row, spamming your followers. So Buffer allows you to schedule your tweets so they fire out at certain time during the day, great for twitter growth.

Strategy: Spend 15 minutes retweeting and those retweets won’t be posted until the time you allocated. I still have the free version, so I can only do 10 a day, but for the moment that’s enough for me. Everyday I spend 30 minutes in the morning retweeting and sharing posts that interest me. Buffer works for Facebook and Instagram, so a big plus.


Tweetdeck and Feedly

Tweetdeck is a great tool to see different feeds from accounts you follow side by side. For example, if I only want to see content about Cooking, Finance and then Reading, I can add some accounts onto a List and have all the different feeds at once. Mine looks a bit like this:

tweetdeck twitter growth

My niche is Personal Finance, so most of the content I retweet will be around this area.


Feedly is great if you want to read articles instead of tweets, which you can then share.

feedly twitter growth

As usual, full of Personal Finance blogs


Strategy: A great Twitter account produces good content. However, always putting your own content can be tiring to both yourself and your followers, so instead, you can curate others’ content who are in your niche. This means retweeting, sharing and liking other people’s posts. In order to do this, create lists of accounts which have shareable content, and add them to Tweetdeck. You can even have a column of a keyword you would like to follow.

What I’ve done is several columns with Personal Finance accounts (As I believe I’m of this PF niche) Those 30 minutes I spend retweeting and sharing content are spent on Tweetdeck and Feedly, scanning for high quality content.Not only is it great for Twitter growth but I get to read really interesting content and learn even more about Finance along the way.

Follow/Unfollow algorithm

No, this method is not illegal, and it’s not spammy either. It’s a method to put yourself more out there and to gain more followers.

Strategy: Find someone in your niche who is quite a big influencer with more than 10K followers. An example for me is Tim Ferriss, Millennial Money Man, Robert Kiyosaki, etc. Then go to their followers and follow 20 of them. Because you’re all in the same niche and you’re providing quality content, it is likely they will follow you back. If they don’t, after a couple days, unfollow them. However, I have found that many of the accounts I’m following are actually really interesting, and still follow them even though they haven’t followed back (too nice).

Headline Testing

When posting your content to Twitter, you want as many people to click on it, so how do you attract more traffic?

Strategy: Find a good quality article you’ve written, and write out 20 possible headlines for this article. Then choose the top 5. Use Buffer to spread out the 5 different headlines across 7 days, and then use Twitter Analytics to see which headline did best (you can use Buffer Analytics but need an upgraded plan, so a nope from me).

twitter analytics twitter growth

The percentage on the right gives you a pretty good indication of how your tweet is doing


At the end of each month, I will fill in this table to see how these different strategies are working for my plan. In the meanwhile, why not go and follow me on Twitter? ;D


Number of followers Number I’m following Number of Tweets
September 1,147 1,339 609

First month: The Himalayas

My short 5 day travels in Europe meant I was off the Twitter radar and lost a bit of engagement. For future travels I will have a laptop with me to solve that problem.

twitter analytics track report

Not too sure what these are…

  • Impressions: 16.2K
  • Tweets: 106
  • Profile visits: 829
  • Followers Total: 1327
  • September followers: 306


  • Gain 500 more followers
  • Spend 30 min everyday curating content

What I’ve learnt

  • Twitter is a great way to interact and meet people
  • I should repost my old blog posts every few days, but first need to upgrade my Buffer package (£10 a month :/)
  • Tweetdeck and Feedly are lifesavers!

happy dog track report

Finishing the month on a high