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What The F%@K is Property Investing?

Property investing? The F@%K is that? In the US it’s more commonly known as ‘real estate’, but in the UK people like to get fancy and call it ‘property investing’. It’s basically the same thing, just each one follows each country’s rules. Here’s what we’re going to be covering today: 1- What is property investing/real … Continue reading “What The F%@K is Property Investing?”


Interview: How to Apply for Internships and Stand Out

Welcome to Financially Mint’s first ever recorded interview! I had the honour of interviewing Jalpan Dave, a mechanical engineer currently living in Singapore and with some great experience working at internships in college. Listen to it right here:     The sound sometimes echoes a bit and I make some weird noises during the call, … Continue reading “Interview: How to Apply for Internships and Stand Out”

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Top 7 Ways to Earn Passive Income as a Student

Passive income is awesome. It’s one of the keys to being wealthy and reaching financial freedom. And the good news is you can start earning passive income as soon as you’re ready: in university. The college student’s life is honestly the best time to start planting some passive income seeds. What do I mean exactly … Continue reading “Top 7 Ways to Earn Passive Income as a Student”

Money Experiment 6: Earn Money with Matched Betting

I can see you. I can see you cringing at the word ‘betting’. Right now you are imagining casinos, roulettes and money falling from the sky and people running around losing thousands. Well, fret not reader, I’m talking about matched betting. Yes, there is a difference. In fact the largest difference is… you never lose. … Continue reading “Money Experiment 6: Earn Money with Matched Betting”

Top 5 Skill-Building Jobs for College Students

You want money. You want skills. You don’t want to work in a fast food restaurant. The solution? A side-hustle that will give you money and skills, and not leave you smelling of over-calorific oily fries everyday. Yes it exists. College is the perfect place to start a side-hustle because you have more time (if … Continue reading “Top 5 Skill-Building Jobs for College Students”

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Money Experiment 7: Earn Money with Online Surveys

If you’re as active on the web as me, you probably have been hammered with blog posts and even emails about how you should sign up for this and that to get a $5 bonus and start making money completing surveys. I swear a day does not pass without someone publishing an article about how … Continue reading “Money Experiment 7: Earn Money with Online Surveys”

How to Balance Work and Study at University

Studying at university is already pretty bloody hard, but with rising rents and high tuitions us students sometimes don’t have much choice but to pile on more work with a job (yay). It’s not all bad though. Having a job in university has quite a few advantages: more skills, better discipline, people management and money … Continue reading “How to Balance Work and Study at University”

Money Experiment 2: Earning Money Online

The first money experiment of the series! As I explained in one of my earlier posts, I’m using this year to experiment as much as I can in the money industry. This could mean earning money online, investing or taking part in different courses. I’m trying it all. I hope to keep doing these as … Continue reading “Money Experiment 2: Earning Money Online”

Financial Experiments: The Fun Way to Finance

What if I told you finances are fun? That saving money, spending less and calculating tax returns is basically a hobby? That Calculating your budget is something you can look forward to? Ok ok, it might seem like a bit of a stretch, but it IS possible to make your finances fun. And it’s through … Continue reading “Financial Experiments: The Fun Way to Finance”