3 steps to escape the average job

‘Yeah it’s an ok job, it pays the bills’ ‘I have money but I have no time!’ ‘Can’t wait for the weekend!’ ‘I hate my boss’ ‘I’ll work harder once I get a raise.’   These are all scary phrases, and if you say those on a regular basis you’re probably stuck in the hateful […]

5 ways traveling cures low self-esteem

Low self esteem can be hard to ‘cure’. The negative thoughts slowly eat at us, making us feel smaller and smaller: ‘No one cares about me?’ ‘That person is better than me’ ‘I’m not intelligent enough’ ‘I’m too old’ ‘I’m too ugly’ ‘I just can’t do it’. A low self esteem really means a negative […]

Financial Freedom from the 4 Hour Work Week

In this book Tim Ferriss seriously helps the reader to question their current employment position, and then describes, step by step, how to cut down time-wasters, start a side-hustle (muse) and then proceed to work few hours a week for double or triple the money. Sounds like the epitome of financial freedom, right? Read the […]