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Results: Money Experiment 5 (Giving £1 a day)

It’s been a month and a bit since I started Money Experiment 5: The Art of giving £1 a day. My goal with this experiment was to give away £1 a day to charity, strangers, the homeless, etc, in an attempt to understand the effects of giving away money and what it would make me … Continue reading “Results: Money Experiment 5 (Giving £1 a day)”

Money Experiment 5: The Art of Giving £1 a Day

Woohoo! A new experiment! In this experiment I will be committing myself to giving away one pound ($1.31 as of today) a day. This includes giving away to friends, family, charity and even strangers. Read on to find out the why and the how behind this project: Why? How many times has someone told you ‘give … Continue reading “Money Experiment 5: The Art of Giving £1 a Day”