Why You Should Study What You Love

This post is inspired from Danny Dalah’s awesome music video: How to Pick A College Major. As you might have guessed, the moral behind the song/video is that you should study what you love because we’re all f*cked anyway. Although funny and with a sad element of truth to it, I thought I would explore […]

How to Deal with Financial Pressure

I’m not married, I don’t have kids nor a proper job; I’m still at university figuring out how to make a proper omelette (help).Yet I still suffer from financial pressure. I have that feeling of ‘I can do better’: earn more money, work more hours, save more money. Where is the limit? How am I […]

Money Experiment 4: Idea Machine

What’s the secret to success? Is it being resourceful? Having grit? Well, according to James Altucher, it’s becoming an idea machine. Altucher is a hedge-fund manager and entrepreneur, co founder of more than 20 different companies and a bestselling author of several books including Choose Yourself and The Rich Employee. In other words, he is […]