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Becoming an Idea Machine: Results

3 months ago I wrote this post: Money Experiment 4: Becoming an Idea Machine. My goal was very simple: become an idea machine by writing down 10 different ideas everyday. I took this idea from James Altucher, a world famous entrepreneur who attributes his success to his constant generation of ideas. I thought hmmm wouldn’t … Continue reading “Becoming an Idea Machine: Results”

Money Experiment 4: Idea Machine

What’s the secret to success? Is it being resourceful? Having grit? Well, according to James Altucher, it’s becoming an idea machine. Altucher is a hedge-fund manager and entrepreneur, co founder of more than 20 different companies and a bestselling author of several books including Choose Yourself and The Rich Employee. In other words, he is … Continue reading “Money Experiment 4: Idea Machine”