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2017 Blogging Review

(yes I KNOW today is the 2nd of January but due to a technical problem (WordPress reloading and losing all my work) I wasn’t able to publish on the last day of the year. But no problem: all content still applies)   It’s the 31 of December 2017 and I thought it would be fitting to do a detailed blogging review of my 2017 blogging year as well as the results from my Money Experiment 1: Blogging. Blogging was my first Money Experiment because I wanted to see whether it really was a viable source of income for college...

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Money Experiment 1: Blogging

This website itself is a huge financial and personal experiment. Will I be able to keep it going? Will I learn about money? Will I even earn money? We’ll both be discovering the answer at the same time, amigo. Every month I write out a monthly report on my Experiments and I’ll include a few stats from here. What do I hope to achieve: Learn about money Earn a bit of an income Evaluate whether blogging can be a career for me How: Writing 2 blog posts a week Connecting with readers and other bloggers Exploring an extensive range of financial topics, from What the F@%k is a [..], to personally dealing with finances. Stats for September Pageviews: 467 Subscribers: 13 (Goal completed! More than 10 subscribers) Wrote 8 blog posts (Goal completed! Publish 2 articles a week) Goals for next month: Get 1000 pageviews 30 subscribers Change domain name (still looking for those $75 :/) What I’ve learnt Community is SO important. I’ve started a 30 day challenge with Pete McPherson at Do You Even Blog, and I’ve started reaching out to other Personal Finance bloggers. Not only am I learning so much but I am making friends and connecting with like minded people (check out the Blogger Recognition Award). Friends and family are willing to help out and are interested in what you are up to (thanks for subscribing guys <3)  ...

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